Election Day 2018 Voter Information

Election Day 2018 Voter Information

Voter Information for Election Day 2018
Posted on 10/30/2018

General Election Day for the State of Colorado is November 6th, 2018. Here is some information that will help you to have an understanding of the issues affecting Colorado, El Paso County and Fountain.

Voters registered in Colorado received their ballots in the mail. They can be returned by mail as long as they are postmarked by October 31st, 2018. You can also drop off your Postal Ballot or vote in person on Election Day at your local Voter Service and Polling Center. Ballots need to be received by 7:00 pm on Election Day. You can drop off your Postal Ballot or vote in person on Election Day at:

Fountain Police Station
222 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Fountain CO 80817

The Colorado State 2018 Blue Book provides complete information and apolitical analysis on the thirteen statewide measures on this year’s ballot, and on the judges who are on the ballot for retention in your area. You can view this at:

For more information on issues that affect El Paso County, please visit:

An issue specific to Fountain is related to Colorado Senate Bill 152 (SB-152). 

The proposed ballot language is:
Without increasing taxes, shall the City of Fountain have the authority to provide, or to facilitate or partner or coordinate with service providers for the provision of, “advanced (high-speed internet) service,” “cable television service,” and “telecommunication service,” either directly, indirectly, or by contract, to residential, commercial, nonprofit, government or other subscribers and to acquire, operate and maintain any facility for the purpose of providing such services, restoring local authority and flexibility that was taken away by title 29, article 27, part 1 of the Colorado revised statutes?

For more information on Senate Bill 152 please visit:

Now that you have learned about the issues affecting our state, county and city, you are ready to vote. Make sure your voice is heard!