Senate Bill 152 Ballot Initiative

Senate Bill 152 Ballot Initiative

SB152 Ballot Initiative
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Colorado Senate Bill 152 (SB-152) is a measure passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2005. The current law limits the ability of Colorado cities to provide a broad spectrum of telecommunication  services (for example Broadband internet service), including:

Free Internet service in government buildings, parks, and community centers as well as
the ability to partner with private businesses and leveraging government infrastructure to provide telecommunication service throughout the entire community. SB 152 also limits the municipal governments from directly providing broadband services. 

Fountain City Council is considering a ballot measure that will give residents the opportunity to choose how the community wishes to proceed with SB 152 in the future.  Will Fountain "Opt Out" of SB 152?  If added to the November 2018 Ballot,  the voters will decide!

The proposed ballot language is: Without increasing taxes, shall the City of Fountain have the authority to provide, or to facilitate or partner or coordinate with service providers for the provision of, “advanced (high-speed internet) service,” “cable television service,” and “telecommunication service,” either directly, indirectly, or by contract, to residential, commercial, nonprofit, government or other subscribers and to acquire, operate and maintain any facility for the purpose of providing such services, restoring local authority and flexibility that was taken away by title 29, article 27, part 1 of the Colorado revised statutes?

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