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Boards & Commissions


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Each one of us can contribute to our city. We need your help by taking the time to serve as an active member of a board or commission. Appointments to boards and/or commissions are a vital part of local government and provide for direct citizen involvement to help shape and influence public policy. Working together we can successfully prepare for our city’s future.


Board of Adjustment

The three (3) member Board meets as necessary upon submittal of a formal application to hear and decide on the following:
  • Variances from Title 17 (Zoning)
  • Appeals from interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance
  • Appeals from Chapter 8.14 (Property Maintenance Code)
  • Modification of the requirements of the International Fire Code as adopted by Chapter 15.16 of the Fountain Municipal Code. 

The Board currently consists of the following members:

  • Michael Wickham
  • Sally Carrico
  • Jim Rumsey

There are currently 2 vacancies for alternate members.

Economic Development Commission

Business NeedsThe Economic Development Commission was established in 1987. Its Mission is to be a visionary lead toward economic diversification, job growth and preservation, building the local tax base, and generation of wealth for all.

The Business Corridors are:

- North US85 
- Mesa Ridge
- Olde Town
- Gateway
- Bandley Drive
- South Academy Highlands (SAH)

 Visit Business Climate  Visit GIS Maps

2017 Initiatives of the Economic Development Commission include:

  • Strategic Plan Revision
    Business Messaging/ Positioning
  • Retail Placement Strategic Plan
  • SCI Building repurpose/fulfillment
  • Business Awareness Exposure
  • Developer Mission Campaign
  • Olde Town Catalyst Project
  • Pikes Peak International Raceway Support 

board meets on the second Monday of each month beginning at 5:30pm City Hall.

The seven member board, consists of the following:

Greg Welch (Chair)   Blair Reeves (Vice Chair)
 Wandaleen Thomas  Darlene Cruz
 Dan Osinski  Tom Downing
 Audra Ruffennach  Pastor Daniels (xOfficio)
 Nicole Reinhardt (xOfficio)  

Please see bios for EDC member backgrounds.  Click here for 2017 meeting minutes. 
To learn more about EDC, contact:Jennifer Stewart 719.393.4928.

Heritage Maintenance District


The mission of the Heritage Special Improvement Maintenance District (the “District”) is to provide maintenance and improvement of certain public areas for the benefit of District property owners.

The Heritage Special Improvement Maintenance District Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) shall exercise such authority and powers as are specifically reserved to it by the City Charter, Ordinances of the City of Fountain (the “City”) and such additional authority and powers as are lawfully conferred upon it by the Fountain City Council.

Duties -The Committee shall have the responsibility to make recommendations to the Fountain City Council concerning some of the following:

  • Solicit, review, and recommend qualified contractors involving the maintenance and improvement of certain public areas for the benefit of District property owners.
  • Formulation of budgetary maintenance and improvement development goals and objectives based on District resident preferences;
  • Promotion of enhanced District Improvement Plan and implementation of the planned improvements through its residents and budgetary constraints;
  • To advise and make recommendations as to any contracts involving the use of public monies within the District which will affect the level of the effectiveness of the required maintenance.

Olde Town Steering Committee

DEA DontationThe Olde Town Steering Committee was formed through the efforts and adoption of the 2014 Olde Town Revitalization Plan.

The purpose of the committee is to represent the businesses, property owners, and residents of the Olde Town district as to the needs of support from both the City of Fountain and Fountain Urban Renewal Authority.

2017 initiatives include:

- Town Design and Gateway Interstate RFQ (design aesthetics & traffic coordination)
- Beautification Measures
- Advocacy Voice on Capital Improvement Projects
- Main Street CO Designation
- Artistic Value Program

The committee hosts its meetings on the third Wednesday of each month for one hour, 8:00-9:00am, at City Hall. The committee maintains a very open door policy with respect to anyone of interest that lives – owns –and/or operates within the district welcome. We believe the more contributory efforts the better!

Currently, the committee is formed by the following:

Ron Books (property and business owner)
Libby Evans (non-profit Fountain Valley Foundation)
Florence Paradise (property owner and resident)
Penny Cimino (resident and business owner)
Patty St. Louis (media ; business owner of Fountain Valley News)
Lori Brazil (resident and business owner)
Don Miller (historic property owner)
Justen Powell (1st State Bank President)

To learn more about the revitalization activities within the Olde Town district, please click here

Park and Recreation Advisory Board

The City's Park Board consists of five (5) members who are residents of Fountain and approved by City Council. The Park Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall located on 116 South Main Street, Fountain, Colorado.
Currently the City's Park Board Members consist of the following:
  • Reynaldo OchoaChairperson
  • Christopher Curl, Vice-Chair
  • Ratu Solanki
  • Dawn Harnick
  • John Cole

If you would like to volunteer your time as a Park Board Member, Applications can be turned into the City Clerk's office at 116 South Main St. 

Planning Commission

The City's Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members and two (2) alternate members who are residents of Fountain and appointed by City Council. 

The Planning Commission meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall located on 116 South Main Street, Fountain, Colorado. The Planning Commission reviews and advises Council on all public and private activities involving the physical development of the City and long-range planning for the City and such areas outside its corporate boundaries that affect the orderly development of the City.

Kelli Kennedy, Chairperson
Marcia Gieck
Benjamin Ward
Gordon Rick
Jennifer Herzberg
Brent Johnson
Horatio Taveau

Alternate Member:
Christopher Curl

Contact: Planning Department at (719) 322-2000

Urban Renewal Authority

FURA was formed by the City of Fountain in 2008 with the establishment of the US85 urban renewal area. Today, there are four urban renewal areas designated in Fountain, these include: South Academy Highlands,
Charter Oak, and Bandley.

Learn More about the
Fountain Urban Renewal Authority