City Council


The City of Fountain is a full-service municipality. Boards such as City Council, Planning Commission, Park & Recreation, and EDC (Economic Development Committees) are all amenable to the needs of the community. In addition, the boards also help project for the city's future growth.

The city is a Home Rule City governed by a Mayor and six council members. The term of office is four years for both Mayor and council members. The City Mayor, at-large council members, and members for the wards in which they live are voters elected. Council elections are non-partisan. The City Manager directs and manages all departments.

Contact Information:

 Mayor Sharon Thompson Mayor

[email protected]
(719) 308-4793
  Sharon Thompson  
 Gordon Rick Mayor Pro Tem (Ward 1)

[email protected]
(719) 820-0331
  Gordon Rick
 Tamara Estes Ward 2

[email protected]
(719) 329-4315
  Tamara Estes  
 Cory Applegate Ward 3

[email protected]
(719) 967-3896
  Cory Applegate  
 Dr. Detra Duncan At-Large

[email protected]
(719) 232-7009
  Detra Duncan  
 Fred Hinton At-Large

[email protected]
(719) 967-3894
  Frederick Hinton  

[email protected]
(719) 492-1672

  Jennifer Herzberg  


[email protected]
Fountain Creek Watershed District