The City of Fountain is a full-service municipality. City boards such as the City Council, Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Board, and the Economic Development Committee are actively responsive to the needs of the community and planning for its future growth. Fountain is a Home Rule City governed by a Mayor and six council members. The term of office is four years for council members and also four years for the Mayor. The Mayor and three members of the Council are elected at-large and three are elected from the wards in which they live. Council elections are non-partisan. All departments are administered by the City Manager.
Fountain City Council Members
Fountain City Council Members
(From left to right: Greg Lauer, Richard Applegate, Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas, Mayor Gabriel Ortega, Jim Coke, Sam Gieck, Sharon Thompson)


Contact Information:
Mayor Gabriel Ortega (719) 287-4223 gortega@fountaincolorado.org
Mayor Pro Tem/Ward 2 Phil Thomas (719) 502-9690 pthomas_j@hotmail.com
Ward 1 Sharon Thompson (719) 200-1419 sthompson@fountaincolorado.org
Ward 3 Sam Gieck (719) 382-4730 sgieck@fountaincolorado.org
At-Large Jim Coke (719) 382-3812 cokesdiner@gmail.com
At-Large Greg Lauer (719) 209-4327 glauer@fountaincolorado.org
At-Large Richard Applegate (719) 330-2037 rapplegate@fountaincolorado.org