Colorado enjoys some of the lowest tax rates for business in the USA. Local taxes follow the same principle. Income taxes, unemployment insurance, workers comp, and sales taxes for business are lower than most states, and fewer types of taxes are levied.

Colorado Rate charts are online at . Note: some industries and activities qualify for special tax credits. 

Local municipality taxes commensurate with the region and fair better than the nation. 

State Tax = 2.90%
El Paso County Tax = `1.23%
Fountain Tax = 3.4%
*Total Tax = 7.53%

*Tax applies to all of Fountain except for the South Academy Highlands development, which incurs additional taxes of: .50% PIF and 1% PPRTA

Use Tax = 2% which applies to construction materials bought and used within the City of Fountain.

The City of Fountain encompasses a variety of property tax rates. Click here for an overview of the past ten years of assessed property tax rates.