Current MFF Project Status

S.H. 85 (Santa Fe)/Duckwood Road Improvements

Fountain, Colorado –

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, the City of Fountain hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the opening of Duckwood Road, a new east west corridor that connects C&S Road with Hwy 85/87.   On Friday September 27, 2019 the Duckwood Road Crossing has officially been opened!

The Duckwood Road Crossing Project was part of the City’s Moving Fountain Forward Tax Initiative, and forms an integral part of Fountain’s efforts to also institute a quiet zone, reducing train noise within the City.

As part of the initiative to reduce train noise,  a requirement of the railroad company’s was that when Duckwood Road opened, the Mesa Road railroad crossing was to be closed.  This means that motorists will no longer be able to turn off of Highway 85/87 on to Mesa Road.  Mesa Road will still connect to Syracuse Street, but now, you will not be able to continue driving west towards Highway 85/87.  Pedestrian and vehicular signs will be posted to guide City of Fountain motorist.