Mayor Thompson's May Newsletter

Mayor Thompson's May Newsletter

Mayor Thompson's May Newsletter
Posted on 05/24/2022

For the past year, City Council and staff have been working on updating and adopting the City of Fountain’s Strategic Plan, which was published back in February. Budget season has now begun, and working on the budget is where we really get to be sure that our resources match our Strategic Priorities.

On May 17th Council held the first work session of the biennial budget planning process, which was a very high overview of the status of various departments, what they are doing, what some of their future needs could be and how their budget requirements tie into and support the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. The 2023-2024 budget process will continue throughout the rest of this year, with a new approved budget being in place in November. As the council and staff work through the budget process, it is good to always remember George Washington’s quote, “We must consult our means rather than our wishes.” Synchronization of the Strategic Plan and the City budget is one important way we heed George Washington’s words of wisdom!   

The City Strategic Plan, City budgets and audit reports can all be found on the City website,

Our Strategic Priorities for 2022-2024 are here: 

Strategic Priority: Set conditions and facilitate responsible development and carefully managed city growth, focused on efforts that maintain or improve existing city-wide infrastructure and services, while building reasonable capacity to meet future community needs.  

Strategic Priority: Develop, coordinate, and implement initiatives and programs, in collaboration with the community, that diversify city financial resources and invest in the Enduring Interests of the City Vision Statement. 

Strategic Priority: Ensure highly professional, responsive, and community-focused public safety resources, that provide reliable access to public safety throughout the city's jurisdiction.  

Strategic Priority: Improve the quality and availability of parks and recreation opportunities, including athletics, outdoor recreation areas, youth programs, and community gathering places.

- Mayor Sharon Thompson


If you have questions or comments about the city budget or the process or anything else, please email me at [email protected] or contact any other council members.