Mayor Thompson's July Newsletter

Mayor Thompson's July Newsletter

Mayor Thompson's July 2022 Newsletter
Posted on 07/22/2022
Local Weeds

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday and you are enjoying the summer sun!  The beautiful weather and lots of sunshine always seem to bring forth a popular spring and summer topic: weeds.  The city code states that property owners are responsible for any overgrown yard or weeds more than 9” in height on their property,  which  includes any utility easements on their property,  up to the middle of any alley ways, and on or along sidewalks up to the curb.”   If you have questions about what you are responsible for, please reach out to our Neighborhood Services Department.  If you have concerns about an area around town, you can report an issue using the City’s MyFountain app on your phone,  or from the MyFountain link from the city website. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent survey’s Fountain just completed: one focused on public safety and one on street funding.  The results of both surveys were released and can be found on the city’s website,,  right on the main page.  These two surveys were based on two of the Strategic Priorities Council has adopted and on concerns and comments from the citizens of Fountain.  The City Council has discussed having a Public Safety funding question on this November’s ballot and has instructed City staff to bring back potential ballot measure language for consideration.

Please go to the website and click on the banner to see the survey results and all the verbatim citizen comments.  Citizen feedback is always welcome, and I encourage you to learn about and vote this November on the ballot question!   

If you know a student who would like to lead the flag salute at the beginning of a council meeting, please have them sign up with Lexi @ [email protected].