FTN Rec Center Fact Sheet

FTN Rec Center Fact Sheet

Proposed Fountain Valley Recreation Center Fact Sheet
Posted on 02/01/2019

In December of 2018, the City of Fountain, along with other stakeholders in the Fountain Valley, began holding Recreation Facility Advisory Committee Meetings to discuss the feasibility of a future Recreation Center in the Fountain Area.  

The Committee recently has developed a quick fact sheet, to address some initial questions that may be out there in the community about the potential of building a recreation center in the Fountain Valley area. Please take a look at the Proposed Fountain Valley Recreation Center Fact Sheet located below, and keep checking on at www.fountaincolorado.org and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cityoffountain/, for updates and additional information.


Proposed Fountain Valley Recreation Center Fact Sheet

Who is involved?

The City of Fountain, Widefield Park & Recreation and the Fountain Valley Senior Center are partnering on this endeavor in order to meet the needs of all involved. By joining together under this proposal, the three entities can combine resources and more efficiently operate a recreation facility.

Where will the proposed rec center be located?

The proposed rec center will be located within both the City of Fountain and Widefield School District boundaries. The current proposal is to locate along Sneffels near the Cross Creek Park.

What will it cost?

The proposed cost is around $25 - $31 Million to build the facility.  Widefield School District residents already pay a property tax of 3.89 to fund Parks and Recreation. The residents of Fountain (not in Widefield School District) will be asked to pass a mil levy of 3.89, which equates to about $8 per month for the average home owner in that area. The combined funds would be used to bond for the facility. Operating costs would be covered by memberships and fees related to facility use.

How is Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 involved in the proposed rec center initiative?

FFC8 supports this initiative and has been involved in key planning meetings from the beginning of discussions. The funding structure of FFC8 is different from Widefield School District. Widefield School District 3 is unique in that it has a separate Parks & Recreation department with a separate tax on residents to fund that department. FFC8 does not have this function or funding. FFC8 supports having a facility that will benefit its residents and the greater Fountain Valley.


What will be included at the proposed rec center?

While still in the planning phases, the proposed rec center will have several key components including an indoor swimming pool, a community room, fitness facilities, outdoor multi-use fields, and the Senior Center.

Where can we get more information?

You can call the City of Fountain Park & Recreation at 719-322-2038 and Widefield Park & Recreation at 719-391-3522, or visit www.fountaincolorado.org.

There will be a Recreation Facility Q&A Public Meeting on May 13, 2019, location TBD. Citizens are also encouraged to attend the Recreation Facility Advisory Committee meetings, which are held at City Hall, Council Chambers, located at 116 S Main Street, Fountain CO, 80817, on the second and fourth Monday from 6:00-7:30 pm.