City Adopts new Strategic Priorities

City Adopts new Strategic Priorities

City Council formally adopts new Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities
Posted on 12/19/2018

On December 18th, 2018, City Council passed a resolution formally adopting a new Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities for the City of Fountain. This will lay out the city’s priorities through 2021, and is the next to last step in the process of updating the City Strategy.

To create the new Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities, City Council participated in three public Strategy Planning Work-sessions, as well as multiple one-on one meetings with City staff, to identify, develop and coordinate the new Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities. The City also solicited community feedback during work sessions, on the City website, and through the City Facebook page.

With the adoption of this resolution, the City is ready to complete the Strategy, which will be published and available to the public in early 2019.


City Council Strategic Priorities through year 2021:

Strategic Priority:   Improve the conditions of City-wide transportation infrastructure in order to support enhanced road safety, encourage economic development and improve traffic flow, focused principally on major City transportation corridors, then residential areas.


Strategic Priority:  The City will take necessary steps to develop, coordinate and implement initiatives and programs that improve citizen access to telecommunications technology and capabilities.


Strategic Priority:  The City will re-assess the distribution of public safety resources and develop, coordinate and implement necessary plans and initiatives to ensure equal access to such services throughout the City’s jurisdiction.


Strategic Priority:  Complete necessary coordination and initiate plans to improve the availability of venues which support a variety of community activities, to include athletics, recreation, youth programs and gatherings.  Whenever possible, pursue funding for these activities that leverage a variety of resourcing opportunities, minimizing cost to the Community.


Citizens can review the complete document and the progress of the City’s Strategy Planning Process by visiting: