Water Supply and Facilities

The City of Fountain, Colorado (Fountain) is located approximately ten miles south of SW Water TankColorado Springs, and thirty miles north of Pueblo. Fountain lies due east of the Fort Carson Military Base. Fountain currently serves approximately 29,085 people. The City of Fountain receives the majority of its water (95%) from the Frying Pan-Arkansas Project. This Frying Pan-Arkansas (Fry-Ark) Water is treated and delivered to Fountain from facilities owned by the Fountain Valley Authority (FVA). Fountain's water supply is supplemented by four (4) groundwater wells that are owned by Fountain, which pump water (5%) from the Fountain Creek Alluvium. With the exception of the four groundwater wells used to supplement the water supply during peak summer demands, Fountain's water system is primarily gravity fed. (See Fountain's Water System Map in the Related Pages below.)

Goldfield Joint Tank SiteAs you will notice on Fountain's Water System Map, Fry-Ark water is sent through pipelines from Pueblo Reservoir up to the Goldfield Tank site, which is located in Widefield approximately 3.5 miles north and east of Fountain's City Hall. Fountain owns one booster station, and jointly owns an additional booster station with Widefield Water District, both of which are located at the Goldfield Tank site. There are an additional six (6) water tanks that are jointly owned by Fountain, Widefield and Fountain Valley Authority that receive treated water from the Fountain Valley Authority (FVA) Treatment Plant No. 4. All of the water tanks are interconnected and Fountain's booster stations are small pumping stations that can be used to move water between the tanks or provide water to Fountain's pressure zone areas. Fountain also has a Southwest Tank site located approximately two miles south and west of Fountain's City Hall. The three-million gallon (MG) Southwest Tank site receives water from the FVA Water Treatment Plant via the Fountain Valley Conduit. Fountain's five well sites are located within City limits and each well is housed and fenced with security measuers in place and sign postings around the area; however, only four (4) of the five (5) wells are in production.

Fountain owns three Pressure Regulating Stations, which are buried concrete vaults located throughout Fountain's water system. Fountain also owns several shares in Big Johnson Reservoir located north of Fountain, which is owned and operated by Fountain Mutual Irrigation Company (FMIC). Big Johnson Reservoir, located in Colorado Springs, is used to store irrigation and augmentation water in exchange for pumping Fountain's wells. Fountain also owns Keeton Reservoir/Dam located approximately 6.5 miles south of Colorado Springs, west of Colorado Highway #115. Keeton Reservoir is used for storage of augmentation water for Fountain's wells. (See the Keeton Reservoir Map in the Related Pages below.)

The City of Fountain distributes approximately 5-million gallons (MG) of water per day to its residents. Fountain owns all water rights on all of its municipal water wells and surface water rights at Keeton Reservoir, including shares in the Fountain Mutual Irrigation Company. Fountain's continuing commitment is to "Provide the highest quality of water at a reasonable price."