Water Softeners

Q: What should the setting be when using a water softener - if settings are based on Fountain's water hardness?

A: Most water softener settings are based on measurements of grains per gallon. Fountain's water hardness ranges from 165 ppm (10 grains per gallon) to 350 ppm (20 gains per gallon) based on the season. The range varies because during the winter, Fountain does not run its wells and distributes only Fry-Ark surface treated water; however, in the summer, Fountain blends its Fry-Ark surface treated water with Fountain's ground water wells. Fountain therefore recommends the following settings when using a water softener:

Recommended Water Softener Settings

Winter (November thru April) Formula - 165ppm ÷ 17.1 = 9.65 Water Softener Setting - 10

Summer (May thru October)
Formula - 350ppm ÷ 17.1 = 20.46 20
Water Softener Setting - 20

 of Formula:

1 grain per gallon is equal to 17.1 parts per million (ppm)

PPM is equivalent to milligrams per liter (mg/l)

Calculations based on iron concentration of 1ppm or below.