Start and Stop Service

Start Utility Service

To start new service or transfer service to a new address, contact our Customer Service Center during normal business hours at:

101 North Main Street
Fountain, CO  80817
(719) 322-2010

Please have the following information available:
-Legal name of Account Holder
-Date of Birth / Federal Identification Number (non-residential service)
-Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
-Telephone Number
-Valid Mailing Address

     Please note that we do not provide same day service.     

Commercial Utility Service
Representatives are available to assist with opening a new commercial account and to support businesses with their utility service needs. To speak with a Commercial Account Representative, contact:

Dana Daniel

Customer Service Billing Supervisor


[email protected]


Dee Werline

Utilities Billing Specialist


To better assist with your request for commercial utility service, please download the Load Data Form.

Stop/Disconnect Your Utility Service
To better serve you, please submit your request three (3) business days prior to the date you would like services to end.  You may submit your request by phone, in-person, or via email at [email protected]

Continuous Service (for landlords/owners)
Landlords and owners have the option to enter into a Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) with Fountain Utilities to ensure their utility account and services remain intact when a tenant moves out.  If a CSA is on file, the account will automatically revert to the landlord/owner.   Qualifications must meet the current rules and regulations governing utility service.

Manual Revert (for landlords/owners)
If a Continuous Service Agreement is not on file, landlords/owners may request to have services placed in their name using a Manual Revert process. Qualifications must meet the current rules and regulations governing utility service.