Fountain Utilities provides residential water and electric utility service to approximately 16,000 households in the Fountain Valley area. 

To apply for utility service, please contact our Customer Service Center during normal business hours at:

101 N. Main Street
Fountain, CO  80817
(719) 322-2010

Please have the following information available:

- Legal name of Account Holder
- Date of Birth / Federal Identification Number (non-residential service)
- Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
- Telephone Number
- Valid Mailing Address

Stopping Service

To disconnect your utility service, please submit your request three business days prior to the date you would like services to end. You may submit your request by phone, in-person, or via email at [email protected]

Rates and Fees

Please visit our Rates & Fees page for more information.

Utility Bill Charges

Utility Bill Charges/Cargos de Utilidades

For information related to the utility charges listed on your utility bill, please click one of the following links to get an explanation of each of these charges:

Explanation of Utility Bill Charges

Explicación de cargos de Utilidades

We are happy to assist with questions you may have about your bill.  Please contact our Customer Service Center during normal business hours at (719) 322-2010.


Water Leak Review Process

The Water Leak Review Process is intended to provide financial relief to customers who experience extremely high water use as a result of a leak caused by a broken pipe


A water leak shall be defined as:

“An unintentional water loss caused by broken or damaged pipes at a customer’s residential or non-residential property that results in a customer’s bill being higher than the customer’s typical bill for water services.”

Water leaks on a customer’s property are the responsibility of the customer. We do understand that unexpected high bills can occur due to a leak and, therefore, Fountain Utilities offers a water leak Review process.

If the committee determines that the request for an adjustment meets the criteria and the customer is in good standing with Fountain Utilities, the committee may elect to offer a water leak credit.

The Committee will have the ability to make adjustments based on hardship and other unforeseen circumstances.  The Water Leak Review Committee will notify the customer of their decision in writing.


  • Customer must report the leak to Fountain Utilities within 60 days of the bill due date for the billing period when the leak occurred by completing a Water Leak Adjustment Form. The form can be obtained by stopping by our customer service center located at 101 N Main St., Fountain, CO 80817.  Fountain Utility account must be in good standing.
  • Request must be from the owner of property. The owner must be the account holder and reside at the property.
  • Proof (receipts) must be provided that shows that the leak has been repaired.  Fountain Utilities reserves the right to confirm through visual inspection that the leak has been satisfactorily repaired.
  • Leak adjustments may span a maximum of two billing periods. A customer, residing at one property, will be limited to one (1) water leak credit in a 36 month period.

Please Note:

Water theft should be handled through the criminal process and will not be considered under the water leak review process.


No adjustments will be given for leaks under the following circumstances:

  • A willful act on the part of the customer.
  • Stolen water.
  • Leaks in regards to plumbing fixtures or appliances or on water features, to include ponds, fountains, swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, etc.
  • The water meter has been tampered with or turned on/off by anyone other than Fountain Utilities and that action resulted in loss of water.
  • Water Leaks that are covered by insurance.
  • Water Leaks that are covered by property managers.
  • Tenants not eligible.

Water Leak Review Process Brochure & Adjustment Form