Property Owners/Manager

City of Fountain Utilities cares about our customers and our community. As the local service provider for electric and in some cases, water, we have a responsibility to partner with our property owners/managers as effectively as possible.  We have two options available:

A Continuous Service Agreement, or CSA, is a contract with City of Fountain Utilities that ensures the utility account will automatically revert to the property manager, apartment complex or landlord in between tenants. It ensures the continuance of service so that no services are shut off when the property is not occupied.

A Manual Revert is an agreement with City of Fountain Utilities that, once received after a tenant has moved out, will put services in the name of the property manager, apartment complex or landlord. This is a manual process and must be submitted each time the tenant vacates. A manual revert is appropriate when a property owner/manager does not meet the criteria for a CSA or if they do not prefer an automated process.