Budget Bill

The City of Fountain offers a Budget Bill Plan to residential account holders; this allows you to pay a set monthly amount based on your prior annual usage.  To calculate your monthly payment we average your prior year’s billing, and add 5% (for rate increases and weather variations); that total is what you will pay for the next 11 months.  In the 12th month, or the “true-up” month (always April), your account will be reconciled to compare actual usage against what you have paid over the year, and you will be responsible for any difference between what was PAID, and what was USED.  Ideally, this will be very close to a wash!


Pros of Budget Billing:

·         Easily budget 11 months’ worth of utility bills.

·         No steep increase during the summer and winter.

·         You could see a credit or refund in your true-up month, if you’ve consumed less than you have paid for.


Potential Cons of Budget Billing:

·         If you are trying to lower your bills, it may be more difficult to track your actual usage.

·         You could see a large amount due in your true-up month if you have consumed more that you have paid for.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Have at least 12 months billing history with the City of Fountain.
  • Have an account is in good standing, with no termination notices and/or disconnection of services within the prior 12 month period.
  • Be set up for automatic ACH payments **This may be set up at time of enrollment** (Please note – this can be done using this form or by logging in to our website.)


You can sign up with us at any time by calling Customer Service at 719-322-2010, or emailing [email protected]  

To learn more about the program, please visit our Rules at Regulations page here