Snow Removal Information

City of Fountain Snow Removal Information



Our goal is to provide snow removal and road treatments to help facilitate traffic flow for those utilizing City of Fountain roadways.

Snow Removal Priority System

Due to the use of specialized equipment, timing, and available resources necessary to provide effective snow removal for City-maintained roadways, each road is assigned a snow removal priority. 

The City of Fountain is broken down into seven different Snow removal zones. Please utilize the attached link to view the City's snow removal map.

View Snow Removal Map - Click Here 

  • Priority - These roads are on primary snow routes. Crews will focus resources on these roads to maintain continuous all-weather access based on available personnel and equipment.
  • Secondary – These roads are secondary snow routes. Crews will transition to these roads when priority roadways are properly treated and cleared of snow to provide the safest travel possible.
  • Residential – Residential roads will not be plowed until Priority and Secondary roadways have been properly treated and/or cleared of snow based on available personnel and equipment.

General Operating Procedures

The time need to clear roads is affected by snow intensity and duration, temperature, traffic, time of day, available personnel and resources. 

During snow events, snow removal operations commence when snow begins to accumulate on the roads and continue until the storm ends. The number of plows dispatched is dependent on many factors as indicated and available personnel and snowplow vehicles.

Salt/sand treatments are focused at intersections and hills during these events. If the City is experiencing heavy snowfall, sanding may be minimized because accumulating snow covers the materials, and they will be removed by plowing.

During plowing operations, the most traveled lanes of the roadway are cleared first. Plows will return to widen the roadway as resources allow.

The City of Fountain currently utilizes an 80/20 sand/salt mix. (80% Sand/20% Salt). We also utilize Ice Slicer primarily on hills and major intersections to assist with melting ice at lower temperatures.

How You Can Help

Please travel a minimum of 200 feet behind snowplow equipment to allow for sanding and possible sudden stopping of the vehicle.

Please understand not all roadways are salt/sanded during snow events. Be aware that many environmental factors affect plowing operations, and plowing can sometimes create low-traction conditions on the roadway. Exercise extreme care when driving in inclement weather. Operating a motor vehicle on snow-packed and icy roads will require your full attention and caution.

Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you when conditions worsen on roadways. 

Our snowplow drivers often work long hours under difficult and hazardous conditions. Please give them plenty of room. They appreciate courteous and careful drivers.