Operations Division

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The Patrol Division currently has 60 full time officers assigned to six teams, each supervised by a Sergeant. All Sergeants are supervised by Lieutenants.
Officers on each team are assigned to one of four districts within the City. District officers work with community members, to identify problems within their assigned district and are empowered to take the necessary action to resolve those problems in a collaborative effort with the residents, business owners and other agencies. The District officers, by being permanently assigned to a District, become familiar with the residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. They become more alert to activities that are out of the ordinary and are able to more effectively identify and resolve problems. The Patrol Division is supported by volunteer reserve officers and special teams within the department.


Lt. Brian Pearson         Lt. Mark Cristiani
Lt. Missy Reynolds          Lt. Matt Racine   

Metro VNI


The Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence (Metro VNI) Division is a multi-agency task force involving law enforcement partnerships between the Fountain Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Springs Police Department, 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Teller County Sheriff’s Office and the Woodland Park Police Department. Metro VNI is comprised of Street Impact Teams, a Human Trafficking Team, an Intelligence Team and Liquor Enforcement Unit. The Fountain Police Department currently has one detective in Metro VNI.



Traffic Unit
Do you have an on going traffic issue? Email us at traffic@fountainpd.com

VIN Verifications

VIN verifications are done Monday - Thursday from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.
There is a $10 charge for this service.

VIN Inspections


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The Explorer program is a work-site based program for young men and women who are 14.5 years old (and have completed the eighth grade) through 21 years of age. The purpose is to provide experiences which help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. The principal role of the Explorer is that of student and observer.  Explorers are prohibited from taking any enforcement action, unless at the specific direction of a Sworn Officer of the Fountain Police Department. The secondary role of the Cadet is that of volunteer (community service resource). These roles are achieved by providing a valuable service to the Fountain Police Department and the community, while furnishing the Explorer and educational opportunity. It is understood that participation in the Explorer program is secondary to other concerns (e.g. school, home life, etc.). Explorers will learn personal priorities and shall conduct themselves so as to minimize the likelihood of conflict.  Explorers will abide by all provisions of this manual and shall accept and execute all lawful tasks assigned to them by their superiors.

For more information on the explorer program email Cpl. Matt Sanchez


Officer Matt Sanchez and K9 Amp

Fountain Police Department has two K-9 Officers, Officer Sam Berkeland & K-9 Jester and Sergeant Matt Sanchez and K-9 Amp. Our K-9's are trained to track missing children, articles, a range of narcotics.  
K9 Patch


The Fountain Police Department has a total of ten School Resource Officers. We have two officers and a Sergeant at Fountain-Fort Carson High School, two at Fountain Middle School, one at Welte Education Center and one at Carson Middle School. We are also fortunate to have an SRO assigned to every elementary school. Our SRO's have an assigned school but will rotate or assist officers at different schools or patrol officers on calls for service. SROs work with the school district and address any issues within the school or on school grounds.

Rapid Response Team (RRT)

A designated unit of law enforcement officers, which is specifically trained and equipped to work together to resolve critical incidents that are more hazardous, complex, or unusual, which may exceed the capabilities of standard patrol teams or investigative units. This includes serving Agency Search or Arrest Warrants, incidents such as robberies where the suspects are known to have entered a residence or are still on scene. Hostage or Barricade situations, Sniper, Terrorist or other high risk situations where the RRT would take immediate action of the scene until the situation is resolved.



Detectives rotate a 24 hour on-call schedule for serious crimes committed outside of business hours. The Investigations division is responsible for investigating homicides, serious assaults, sexual crimes, crimes against children, internet crimes, robberies, frauds, property crimes, and other serious crimes.

The Investigations Division has one detective assigned to working with Metro VNI, one Sergeant and three detectives. The department is also involved with the I.C.A.C. Task Force for internet crimes against children.

You may contact the Investigations Lt Mark Cristiani at 719 382-4261 or email him at mcristiani@fountainpd.com .