Planning Department


The mission of the Planning Department is to provide prompt, accurate customer service and to promote the health, safety and prosperity of all present and future residents by effectively planning for the physical development of the community. 

Major Activities of the Planning Department

  • Preparation of visionary and responsible long-range plans to guide the growth and development of the community
  • Coordination and review of proposed land use projects to ensure conformance with City standards and to promote quality of life issues
  • Dissemination of information to the public and private sectors
  • Research and policy analysis involving community issues


Comprehensive Plans

The City of Fountain maintains a number of comprehensive plans and master plans that are used as guides for planning Fountain's future. These documents include:

Development Regulations

Development regulations of the City include a variety of land use requirements, such as zoning, subdivision, landscaping, parking, signs, etc. The regulations govern how land is subdivided, used, and developed. Development regulations are designed to be consistent with adopted comprehensive plans.

Fountain Zoning Ordinance April 2023


Development Review Process

The development Review Process can be found here.

Floodplain Information

Fountain CreekThe Pikes Peak Regional Building Department is responsible for Floodplain Management in almost all of El Paso County, including the City of Fountain. For information on whether an address is in the floodplain please go to and click on "Search Address for Floodplain Information" or go to the RBD home page, and use the "Floodplain" drop-down menu.

Also available at the Regional Building Department site is an "Information and Resources" page where you will find links to the FEMA web site, FEMA flood maps, the National Flood Insurance Program and the Army Corps of Engineers as well as guidelines for special construction in the floodplain and other valuable information.

If you need additional information please contact Floodplain Administration at (719) 327-2880.   


The City of Fountain Zoning Map identifies the zoning of all parcels within the City limits.  This map is updated periodically and may not contain the most current zoning classification.

Additional mapping information can be found on the GIS Department webpage.