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A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY... seize your timing to INVEST in 2021 within a qualified Opportunity Zone!

October 2019 - State of Colorado PITCH Session for Investors

Executive Summary

Rooted in Colorado's second-most populous county, neighboring community of the Colorado Springs MSA, and nestled within front range I-25 corridor is a clutch investment in a league of its own.

The City of Fountain in Southern Colorado seeks to unveil an Curling Center with an adjoining sports tap house as a premier destination venue for public use and sports enthusiasts.

Optimally sized at approximately 34,000 SF, the high-traffic/high-visibility project could be planted within one of six regional Opportunity Zones in a city and region brimming with commercial and residential development.  
OCC Feasibility Study
Click here to view the Curling Center Feasibility Study (Summer 2019)

Below are Financial ProForma Analysis specific to each programming end cap of the venue:

Food and Beverage Pro Forma

Broadmoor Curling Club Pro Forma

Click here to view Investors' Curling Center FAQ

Site Development

In momentum with the upcoming Winter Olympics, the premier sports and entertainment venue is envisioned to be a unique destination home to state, nation, and international leagues and bonspiels with a robust dining and tap house operator.

Optimally sized and located, the center could be positioned on five-faces adjacent to Colorado's primary north-south Interstate-25 corridor with the opportunity to leverage capital investment via incentives available to the project areas identified within the Feasibility Study. 

The anchor tenant is a legacy operator, Broadmoor Curling Club, offering 50-years of competitive sport existence and adaptive curling programming.

The ideal Sports Tap House, food and beverage co-tenant, will have robust beverage and sit-down dining sales to generate approximately $3M in annual sales volume. The sport of Curling is a social experience, as such, a brewpub concept in particular is envisioned to the Project; which will also fill a significant leakage within the SW/SE community areas of the Pikes Peak region.

Capital Investment leverage incentives may include:

  • Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone 5 (designated)
  • HUB Zone (designated)
  • Community Development Block Grant (qualified)
  • Urban Renewal Area (qualified)
  • Frontage Improvement Program
  • Fiber Optic Broadband Utility Enterprise
Investment Value

With an initial 9% rate of return, forecasted upswing to 11% and paired with approximately $4.2M in annual revenue projections, a Curling Center within Fountain Colorado poises investors to reap healthy returns in a regional and state economy that is ahead of the pack!

NOTE: December 31, 2019 was a pivotal milestone, under IRS Treasury Regulations, to realize the full 10-year capital gains deferral under the Opportunity Zone initiative. 

 Investor Value

Impact Value

 $10.2M site construction costs
Why not invest in a project that bears Social Impact value to the community too!

 $780,000 ICE equipment investment by the Broadmoor Curling Club

$2.4M sports dining and tap house T&I build out

Through the Broadmoor Curling Club, the city and region will derive benefits through the adaptive sport via the Learn to Curl series.

$10M approximate equity capital investment, + land costs

$2.7B economic vitality market via the Convention and Tourism Bureau ; VisitCOS

The Series can provide therapeutic healing for blended families, Americans with disabilities, and the military's enlisted and Veterans whom have served our Country. 

 Click here to view the Curling Center FAQ for Investors

Tourism Value

Fountain is the gateway to the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado.  The Region offers an abundance of urban comforts and accessible natural destinations. It's home to the United States Olympic  & Paralympic Committee and 80+ national and international sports organizations. The area's sports industry is fueled by product manufacturers, fitness and training companies, and sports performance and wellness centers. Regional events include the U.S. Open, Rocky Mountain State Games, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and national championships.  In addition, the Region is anchored by the City of Colorado Springs "home of the Olympic City USA and City for Championsand the U.S. Olympics & Paralympic Training Center. 

 The ConvCurling sportention and Visitors Bureau has identified an ICE venue as a top venue in its Destination Master Plan wish list of amenities in need of within the region. 

In addition, the 5-sheet Curling Center meets Olympic standards of competition, is envisioned to be open year round and to be certified as an International Ice Technician Training facility on behalf of the sporting profession.

Endorsements provided by:

USA Curling         
U.S Paralympic Team     
Warrior Transition Battalion

A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY... seize your timing to INVEST within the Zone!

Contact: Kimberly A. Bailey email or call 719-322-2056

 Supplemental Research:

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Sports Media:

* Curling on the Rise - Thirst Colorado - Nov. 2018
* Curling is the 2nd most favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics - TV.com CBS
* Curling is an adaptive, therapeutic, and sportsmanship sport - US Curling Association of Youth
* U.S.A Men's Curling  Team wins 2018 Gold Metal in Pyeongchang, South Korea