Food Trucks


Mobile food vendors or “Food trucks” bring a cultural involvement to the community that our citizens otherwise may not ever experience. 
We encourage everyone to follow their favorite food trucks on their social media sites for the most updated information about their where about.

Licensed Mobile food vendors are allowed in the City and all are required to have a current City of Fountain Business License, Chapter 5.04.730 of the Municipal CodeColorado Department of Health Certificate, and a Mobile Food Truck Permit.  Each public location you intend to do business is listed on the permit application.  You are only required one Mobile Food Truck Permit annually.  Your permit will expire one year from the date of application or renewal.  Chapter 5.17 of the Fountain Municipal Code

A fire inspection is required for food trucks in order obtain a Business License and operate within the City of Fountain. Click here for the Pre-Inspection Checklist

If you plan to park your apparatus in a private space such as a parking lot of another retailer, you are also required to obtain a Temporary Use Permit for each location. If a retail property owner would like to have rotating Food Trucks on a regular basis, the retailer may obtain the Temporary Use Permit for his property.  Chapter 17.393 of the Fountain Municipal Code

Fees associated with each are as follows:

  • Fountain Business License $55.00 per calendar year (Jan-Dec)
  • Temporary Use Permit $110.00 per location annually
  • Mobile Food Truck Permit $75.00 annually

Thank you for bringing your business to the City of Fountain:

The City Clerk's Office accepts cash, checks, money order, Visa and MasterCard.

CLICK HERE for a Checklist for Applying for a Mobile Food Truck Permit and a Temporary Use Permit.

CLICK HERE to apply for  your Business License.


*A Mobile Food Vendor is any person who operates in the City selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for food from or upon the public right-of-way, or to a person on the public right-of-way.

**A Mobile Food Vendor Apparatus is a cart, food truck, wagon, mobile stand, motor vehicle or other vehicle, or other appurtenances used to conduct mobile food vendor operations.

Questions can be directed to the City Clerk’s office at (719) 322-2031