Olde Town Revitalization


Represents the historical central business district of 

Map of Olde Town UpdateFountain. As with many national cities, the historical centers of activity have lost its patrons due to suburban sprawl.

A rebirth has emerged over the past few years, as Fountain grows and seeks to embrace its cultural roots and a community sense of place.

Through a revitalization of under-performing assets and broadening of open space amenities, its central business district is attracting a myriad of n
ew/eclectic business back to the Olde Town historic core.





Arrival SequenceIn 2018, the Olde Town Design and Interstate Gateway Aesthetics & Urban Renewal Vision guideline was finalized via the Fountain Urban Renewal Authority (FURA) and in partnership with THK Consulting. The US 85 Gateway and Olde Town districts provide an extremely important first impression for the City. Redeveloping, revitalizing and creating design standards for these districts facilitate an environment for future investment, development and growth while maintaining the small town, unique atmosphere that the City of Fountain embodies. 

Private and Public Partnership: With the help of both public and private investment, revitalization projects have begun to transpire in the Olde Town District. Projects currently underway include:

  • Pad site assembly in support of commercial and open space development - 2018
  • Revitalization of the historic Woodmen Hall – Underway by FURA
  • Peaks N Pines Brewery – July 2019 opening
  • Under construction Fountain Middle School – August 2019 opening
  • 3-story mixed-use project via demolition of Ohio Ave blighted properties - 2020

To learn how to become involved with district revitalization, please visit the Olde Town Steering Committee section of the website. 

US85 Urban Renewal Progress

Main StreetOlde Town is located is a subset area with the US85 Urban Renewal Area. Several plans have been adopted through the collaboration of City Council, Fountain Urban Renewal Authority, and the public at large.

 - May 2009 marked the adoption of the Gateway Master Plan

 - April 2014 marked the adoption of the Olde Town Revitalization Plan 

 - April 2017 marked the Town Design and Gateway Interstate Aesthetics project with THK Consultants. 

- January 2018 marked the departmental working level of the THK project findings. 

Click here to learn about these projects and more that the Fountain Urban Renewal Authority (FURA) is working on!

Olde Town Steering Committee

Committee MeetingIn June 2016, the Olde Town and abutting Gateway districts’ neighborhood and businesses were reconvened as a means to collaboratively share information on:

- CDOT US 85 Repaving
- Ohio and Illinois Roadways and RxR Crossings
- New Pedestrian Enhanced Corridors
- Enterprise Zone Program
- New Historic Grant Opportunity
- Beautification & Facade Pilot Programs
- Formation of an Olde Town Steering Committee

The Committee actively continues to serve in an advisory capacity to the City and FURA on projects and small business aspects of the district.

To learn more about current initiatives and how to participate, please visit 
Olde Town Steering Committee section or contact the Economic Development department at 719-393-4928.