Telecommunications Technology and Capabilities

Telecommunications Technology and Capabilities

​Priority:  The City will take necessary steps to develop, coordinate and implement initiatives and programs that improve citizen access to telecommunications technology and capabilities. 

The City of Fountain strongly believes that improving access to telecommunication services will improve quality of life and support the economic vitality of our community. In November 2018, an overwhelming majority (73%) of voters approved a ballot measure that allowed Fountain’s City Council to regain authority over telecommunication services, such as high-speed internet. 

The City of Fountain has partnered with an engineering firm to produce a Broadband Feasibility Study. The study will analyze two business models for the potential creation of a new broadband utility; City own-and-operate, and a public-private partnership. The study will consider several items, including (but not limited to) results of a market survey, associated costs and financial modeling, competition, and the economic development impacts of a broadband utility. The study is expected to be completed this fall and presented to City Council for their consideration and guidance on how to proceed with this initiative.

One these presentations are completed, City Council will provide guidance and direction to City Staff on developing a way ahead on improvements to telecommunications services in Fountain.    

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