Strategic Plan 2021


Strategic Plan SkinWelcome to the City of Fountain Strategic Plan 2021!   City Council is in the process of updating the City Strategic Plan, which was last reviewed and published in 2014.   During this one year process, the City Council will update the City Vision Statement, provide focused, Strategic Priorities, and will validate measurable, accountable supporting objectives developed by the City Staff in support of the Councils priorities.  Community involvement is welcome and encouraged in this process, and any information presented and discussed with City Council during open, public work sessions are available on this web page. 

UPDATE 12.18.2018:  City Council passed by a vote of 7-0 Resolution 18-074, officially adopting a new Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities for the City of Fountain.  You can read them by clicking the blue banners below.

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2019-2021 Vision Statement:

Vision Statement 

So what is it about Fountain?

In an ever changing and rapidly developing region of Colorado, the City of Fountain remains a truly unique place that stands out from its neighbors in the Pikes Peak Region.  Comprising a vibrant, friendly and growing community, Fountain still maintains at its core a genuine and welcoming All-America hometown feel, a place that never loses its “feeling of being home” for it’s over 30,000 and growing residents.   Fountain remains mindful of its roots in ranching and agriculture, while proudly embracing a strong military presence and the amenities of modern family living.  It is a city of diverse ideas, independent and inclusive, friendly and safe.  Fountain remains the region’s best kept secret, a place that is truly “Pure Colorado.”

What does Fountain want to be in the future?

The Fountain City Council recognizes that a healthy economy, lower cost of living, and a young, educated population are all contributing to a city that is on the rise.  As Fountain continues to grow, current conditions now provide for responsible development in ways that have not been possible in the past.  Through careful planning, citizen and local government collaboration, and a strong, focused vision for the future, Fountain will purposefully embrace the growth occurring throughout the region and continue developing into an even more contemporary, accomplished city, while maintaining its All-America hometown feel and strong sense of community.  This will be accomplished through adherence to the Fountain community’s enduring interests, which are articulated below.

What are the Enduring Interests of the City of Fountain?

  • Responsibly implement improvements to City infrastructure and services that facilitate and enhance safety, accessibility and steady economic development for all citizens.

  • Provide conditions that improve the City’s aesthetic appeal and attract quality business and residential growth, while always maintaining Fountain’s hometown feel.

  • Always honor and include Fountain’s many military residents, supporting their mission to defend our nation, through provision of quality City services and a welcoming sense of home for service members and their families.

  • Capitalize on opportunities that conserve our natural open spaces and recreation options that the Fountain community enjoys.

  • Deliver local governance that is collaborative, inclusive and engaging on topics important to the Fountain community.  


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2019-2021 Strategic Priorities:

Strategic Priorities:

Definition:  Strategic Priorities are statement(s) or theme(s) which adequately focus the collective efforts of the City, in order to address the purpose and enduring interests identified in the Vision Statement under current or near term conditions.

 In support of City Council’s Vision Statement, the Council has identified the following Strategic Priorities to be accomplished in the next three (3) years, in accordance with the completion of this strategic plan cycle (2018-2021). 

 Strategic Priority:   Improve the conditions of City-wide transportation infrastructure in order to support enhanced road safety, encourage economic development and improve traffic flow, focused principally on major City transportation corridors, then residential areas.

 Strategic Priority:  The City will take necessary steps to develop, coordinate and implement initiatives and programs that improve citizen access to telecommunications technology and capabilities.

 Strategic Priority:  The City will re-assess the distribution of public safety resources and develop, coordinate and implement necessary plans and initiatives to ensure equal access to such services throughout the City’s jurisdiction. 

 Strategic Priority:  Complete necessary coordination and initiate plans to improve the availability of venues which support a variety of community activities, to include athletics, recreation, youth programs and gatherings.  Whenever possible, pursue funding for these activities that leverage a variety of resourcing opportunities, minimizing cost to the Community.