Questions, Comments, Concerns

The City of Fountain Electric Department is happy to serve your needs. We encourage the public to report any electric difficulties they may experience and are happy to address any questions, comments or concerns you may have.
Street Light Out?

Don't be left in the dark!

If you notice a street light out, please contact our Electric Department at 322-2092 to report the location of the light that is out.

Street Light Repairs

Without your help we may be unaware that a street light is no longer operating correctly as we do not have a system that alerts us to this problem. Please remember to include the location of the light, your name and number, and if it has been a re-occurring problem. Street lights are repaired on Fridays of each week. However, we try to make the repairs as soon as possible if time permits. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to keeping your neighborhood safe and bright at night!


Tree Limbs in Electric Lines?

Tree Trimming Operations Don't flirt with danger!!

If your tree has limbs that are too close or interfere with powerlines,  please contact our Electric Department at 322-2092 for assistance.

One of our electric linemen will assess the extent of the interference and notify you of the proper course of action. To help ensure the safety of our customers there is no cost for this service. Please keep in mind that any trimming that is done by the Electric Department is for service reliability and is not based on the cosmetic look of the tree. Should you choose to hire a tree trimming company the Electric Department will need 24 hours notice to set up a time to drop the service line for the trimmers, upon completion of their trimming operations please contact us to have the service put back in place.

Spring Tree Trimming Operations will begin March 9, 2020.  Services will be provided by Quality Tree Service in the areas located south of Fontaine Boulevard, and northwest of Highway 16 and Highway 85.  If crews need access to your property, you can expect to receive a door notification at least 24 hours in advance.  Trimming is expected to last several months.  Any questions, concerns or complaints can be directed to our Electric Department at 719-322-2092.

How do I Request Electric Service or Disconnection of Existing Electric Service:
Please contact our Customer Service Offices to sign up for your Electric Service by phone at 719-322-2010 or visit the Customer Service Home Page.

Need more information?
Please visit MyFountain, our online citizen portal, for more information or to request city services.