The City of Fountain Utilities Department is proud to announce that as of September 2019 we have served our community for 100 years!  On September 21, 2019 at John F. Metcalfe Memorial Park we celebrated this monumental event!

The first ordinance concerning the Electric Light Plant and Regulating the Control of the Same and Fixing the Rates Charged for Electrical Current was adopted on September 15, 1919 and authenticated on September 17, 1919 by the town Mayor, F.E. Torbit.

Over the past century we've continued our legacy of maintaining high quality, safe and reliable electric service for our friends and neighbors in the Fountain Valley Region at the most affordable rates possible. 

Today, we serve roughly 16,487 residential
metered accounts, 980 commercial accounts and represent a population of approximately 48,000.  Our area encompasses a total electric service territory of 65.77 square miles, and is continuing to grow as new businesses and developments decide to call Fountain home! 

Electric Dept 100 Year Logo    2019 Electric Crews