Jimmy's Camp

Jimmy's Camp logo over background of forest trees
Near Fountain, Colorado, year 1833:  Jimmy's Camp was a trading post that was established along old Native American trails which became known as the Trapper's Trail and Cherokee Trail. "Jimmy" built a cabin or an adobe hut on the lowland between Jimmy Camp Creek and a spring. Jimmy would travel east to acquire goods for trading. Upon his return he would light a signal fire to let the Native Americans know he was back and had a new selection of goods to trade.

The City of Fountain has decided to re-light Jimmy's signal fire to use for a re-creation of Jimmy's Camp, the Rumor Trading Post.  The new Jimmy's Camp will be trading Fountain rumors for actual facts. 

So, when you see the Jimmy Camp logo featured above across any official city media; be it Facebook, the City Website, MyFountain App, etc.., NEW facts have just arrived to be exchanged for all those rumors running wild out there.  Come on over to Jimmy's Camp to see what is up for trade, we're sure you come away with something useful for your homestead!

Now, if you would like to learn more about our local history and who Jimmy actually was, the following links are great resources of information:

Jimmy's Camp, Colorado           Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

No Water, No Fountain  NEW!

Water is good! image  

RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: 
 Fountain doesn’t have enough water.

Fact to Trade:  
This rumor is false, although the title of this article is true; You really can’t have a fountain without water unless you are using chocolate or cheese, but that’s another discussion all together.  Did you know that Pueblo Reservoir serves as the City of Fountain’s primary water storage facility, holding all our water for long term needs and drought resiliency?  Well, after the most recent wet year, the city has built up approximately three billion gallons in reservoir storage to ensure a stable supply long into the future. The City of Fountain typically supplies about one Billion Gallons per year to our customers, meaning that storage could sustain the city for THREE YEARS, even if it didn’t rain a drop at all in that time.  

       On top of planning a resilient future supply for our residents, the city is always tackling the challenge of maintaining and optimizing existing infrastructure to ensure stable and reliable service to our water customers. The city is starting construction later this summer on a major 30” pipeline that will connect the City’s Southwest storage tank to the large customer areas east of Fountain Creek and I-25. Once completed, this pipe will significantly increase redundancy and system resilience in the southern half of the city and greatly boost flows available for firefighting. The pipe is also designed to integrate with planned future supply projects and serve as the backbone for water service to areas of future growth south and east of Fountain.  The fact is that thanks to the diligent work of the City’s Water Utility, Fountain citizens don’t have to worry about their water supply unless we really start using this precious resource irresponsibly.  


RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp:
The city doesn’t complete road projects

Fact to Trade:  This rumor is true if you add the word quickly; The city can’t always complete road projects quickly. Overall, this rumor is false, road/ street projects are not tasks that can be completed with ease. There is a very grueling process to complete in order to even start a roadway project. Once a roadway project is created, multiple departments must collaborate to answer a mountain of questions: Is it a city owned road? Do any other entities have ownership or property attached to project area? Does the city have the budget to fund the entire project, if not, how do we get access to funding? Once we get the funding, can we handle the project ourselves or do we need to contract it out? When can we start, how long will it take? And that’s just a few blocks from the Jenga stack of questions. The good news is that the City of Fountain collaborates extremely well and continues pushing to finish projects that the Taxpayers have approved no matter the time lapsed.

The city is excited to announce that they are in the final stages of completing the Indiana Rd project that was envisioned nineteen years ago!  The story of this project starts in 2005; the City of Fountain began coordinating with Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway on an alternate railroad (RR) crossing at Indiana Rd, so that the Illinois Rd crossing next to Aragon Elementary School could be closed and act as a dedicated roadway, for improved access to the southern areas of the city. The Indiana Rd improvement was initiated by the Moving Fountain Forward (MFF) initiative that was approved by Taxpayers in 2009. The project was hindered by ballot language that stated money for projects had to be saved up prior to the project being built.  So, the city started on its path to start saving (MFF) funding while also applying for grant funding that could help. In 2015, the City Engineer was able to procure a $850K grant, but that still wasn’t enough, as prices increased over the years.  The estimated price in 2009 was between $750K-$1.5M, and that was no longer accurate.  After the Great Recession, years of Colorado population growth, and the COVID-19 Pandemic, the estimated completion cost continued to sharply rise.  However, between 2020-2022, the City Engineer procured multiple grants totaling $3.5 M to assist with funding, and finally enough money had been secured to start the project!  Construction began on Indiana Rd in 2023 and will be completed in the summer of 2024. The final costs will be approximately $5 million to complete the work.  After almost 20 years, the project is almost complete, and the City of Fountain can’t wait to share its opening with the community!

Motocross on Fountain Trails

animated image showing someone on a dirtbike performing a backflip

RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: Fountain trails are a good practice area for the motocross elites.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade: 
This rumor is as true as Fountain being named for being home to a giant natural fountain. If you didn’t know both of those were not true, I’m sorry you had to read it here.  The 8.6 beautiful miles of trails that Fountain Parks and Recreation maintains are for walking and bicycles only! Motorized vehicles are prohibited. Riders are subject to being cited for trespassing on park property and possibly being charged and fined up to $2,650, which we’d like everyone to avoid. After all, for that price you could buy center track tickets for you and all your friends to go see real supercross!  So, everyone be safe and enjoy our great outdoor trail network, but not on your dirt bike or other motorized offroad vehicle……

Want to learn more about Parks & Open Space rules, click on the following link that will take you to the correct page on the city’s website.

Parks & Open Space Rules

Published: 05-08-2024

"But Seriously", header for serious articles
So, You Got a Ticket? Now You Must Wait for Court to Pay a Fine
scene from movie Gladiator of Emperor giving a thumbs down

RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: You must show up to municipal court in Fountain to pay a ticket or fine.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade:  This rumor is false.  So, maybe you’ve been pulled over in Fountain and received a ticket. You deeply regret that California-rolling-stop and now steel yourself to show up to court at Fountain City Hall to pay your fine.  Just remember, you actually have options! Once your ticket or fine is in the court system (usually within two weeks of your run-in with the law), if you choose you can go ahead and pay it online (your ticket will explain how to do that) or you can come in person to pay before your notice to appear in court.  All done.  Now, if you need additional assistance, you can come by and visit the best court clerks in the Fountain Valley before your court day as well to set up a payment plan if you need one. You can also call in at 719-382-8555 between 8:00am to 5:00pm to ask questions and get court information.  Remember, the court clerks cannot give legal advice, and you can’t pay your citation by phone, but you’ll otherwise find them very helpful!  You can also contact the court clerks through email by addressing it to [email protected].   While it’s always a better choice to mind the law and not have to pay a fine or deal with the court, Fountain does have a great team that is ready to explain the process and your options!  
Published 05-08-2024

Fountain Builds Sidewalk to Nowhere

Sidewalk to nowhere in City of Fountain

RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: The City of Fountain built a sidewalk that leads to absolutely nowhere.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade:  This rumor is true! (Well in a way, let us explain!) West Missouri street has one of the most pristine sidewalks in the City of Fountain. The sidewalk is an amazing piece of concrete perfect for the steps of a Fountain hiker, biker, or workout enthusiast. However, if you do follow the sidewalk to its end, you will find yourself at a dead-end……So you mean the City of Fountain has in fact constructed a sidewalk that leads to nowhere? Well, that appears to be true, but that’s only for now.

This sidewalk is actually part of a much bigger project to connect trails from Fort Collins to Trinidad, which is part of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) master trail plan for the state of Colorado. Fountain agreed to build the sidewalk – funded by CDOT – in order to get funding to fix other parts of our trails and also to get CDOT to construct a walking bridge that is envisioned to be built over Fountain Creek. This bridge will eventually connect county trails to our Fountain trail network by way of the sidewalk, allowing trail goers to follow the sidewalk to the Indiana crossing and then straight on into Adams Open Space.  So, a sidewalk to nowhere? Yes! But eventually a sidewalk that can really take you places!
Published 03-18-2024

City Council Meeting Attendance and Virtual Viewings are on the Rise!
A huge crowd of people in the stands, represents the council meeting attendance
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: City delighted to see massive uptick in City Council Meeting attendance and viewings so far in 2024.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade: This rumor is true!  The city’s first two City Council Meetings have seen a significant increase in participation and viewership, and the city is excited to see if this upward spike will continue. The city has been reminding residents that Council Meetings are FREE to attend, and participation is encouraged as well, whether in person or virtually.

In January, there have been almost 1000 views online of the two meetings, an almost 300% increase from December of 2023, and more than 600% increase from meetings in January 2023!  So, are you interested to join this apparently rapidly growing and super popular trend?  Well, all meetings are listed on the City Calendar on the city website, and there are plenty of semi-comfortable chairs at City Hall waiting for you.  If you’d rather take in all the exciting action from the comfort of home, the city provides links to participate virtually, on the city Facebook page and the website as well.

You can learn a lot about what is currently happening in the city, ask questions to your elected leaders, and be in the middle of it all if you attend council meetings!  Or, if you’d rather just microwave some popcorn and watch later at your own pace, all City Council Meetings are recorded, and you can tune, and binge watch them like Yellowstone, Survivor, or Game of Thrones.  Any way you choose, the city is delighted you may tune in or attend, and hopes to see you, your family and friends make attending Fountain City Council Meetings the next hottest trend in Fountain!
Published: 02-05-2024

City Employees are Verified 100% Human at Recent Wellness Fair
cartoon illustration of a doctor examining an alien
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: City Employees are almost human.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade: A recent voluntary review of city employee health and wellness has confirmed that city employees are in fact 100% human.  Despite statements out there that city staff are, "almost human," the city is proud to confirm that is just a rumor, and that Fountain's employees are in fact, human beings.  
Published: 12/21/23

The City Admits that Snowplows are Only Used 7 Months Out of the Year!

City of Fountain Snowplow, plowing a snowy road
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: City's Snowplows are not utilized.
Jimmy's Fact to Trade: The city's nine snowplows are busiest in the months from November to March, though they are occasionally used outside of that timeframe in October, April and May, but only when it snows! In fact, our trucks are dump trucks first and only transform into snowplows when the orange attachment is placed on the front during snowstorms. The dump trucks are used year around for multiple projects. In regard to snowplowing, in 2022 the snowplows were dispatched 23 times for plowing our roads and up to 7 snowplows could be used at a time depending on the amount of snowfall and road conditions. During recent snow on December 9th, the city dispatched 5 snowplows and cleared over 55 miles of Fountain roads! Street Department CDL drivers are on standby and respond to work staggered 12-hour shifts, and city snowplows follow a specific prioritization plan for plowing of roads. You can find the snowplow map as well as the road prioritization at the following link: Snowplow Page
Published: 12/21/23

Fort Carson demands services from Fountain, or else!

Toy army men
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp:  The City is providing taxpayer funded services for Fort Carson.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade: Through what is called an Intergovernmental Support Agreement (IGSA), the City of Fountain does have the ability to support Fort Carson with various services but is in fact fully reimbursed for all city related expenses, and also receives additional revenue for the services provided, improving the city's General Fund.  Currently, the City provides pest control, animal control, and small construction project services through administration of contracts, with service on Fort Carson.  Over the last 3 years, the city has received over $145,000 in new revenue from the IGSA agreements and is estimated to bring over $460,000 more in the next 6 years! It’s a creative way to both generate income to invest into the Fountain community and directly support our nation's military!
Published: 12/21/23

The City Starts Strategic Planning for 2025-2027
Meme of Will Ferrell
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: The city doesn't prioritize anything.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade: 
Do you ever look around the Fountain community and wonder, what are the most important things the city is working on right now? Who is responsible to get things done? When will it get done?  Well, we have all those answers in one place for you!  The City of Fountain Strategic Plan is a document published every three years that answers these questions and more!  Available online and in printed booklets at City Hall, the City Strategic Plan highlights the city’s highest priorities, and lists the specific plans, actions and initiatives that the city is working on to support those priorities.  Designed to be simple, focused, and accountable, the City Strategic Plan is not written to be a dense, complex and overly ambitious document.  Quite the contrary, it is laid out in a short, plainly written manner, so that you don’t need a lawyer or secret decoder ring to read it!   You can check it out here.

 Additionally, the city provides updates to City Council and the public on the progress being made on the Strategy, in case you are wondering if anything is actually getting done!  Those updates are also posted on the city website, here Strategic Plan.  

 We encourage you to download the Strategic Plan or come by City Hall and grab a copy!  It makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays, and many city staff even enjoy reading it to their kids as a bedtime story.  Pick up your copy today, you won’t be able to put it down!
Published 03-18-2024

The City Doesn't Care About the Parking Lot Located at the Markets at Mesa Ridge!
collage of parking lot at the markets at Mesa Ridge
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: The city won’t fix the parking lot at the Safeway. (Markets at Mesa Ridge).

Jimmy's Fact to Trade: 
That rumor is true, but there’s actually a bit more to the story.  As a private commercial entity, the Markets at Mesa Ridge is responsible for repair and maintenance on their own parking lot and drive areas, not the taxpayers of the City.  They manage their property through a property management company, who is currently Colorado Association Services.

Although the City does not maintain private parking lots, it has heard from citizens and has made (and continues to make) multiple attempts to work with the property manager to address the issues there.

Specifically, the Safeway owns and is responsible for their parking lot. A board made up of other Mesa Ridge business owners are responsible for the remainder of the parking areas. In recent contacts with the Board by the city, they have indicated that they are in the process of addressing the issues. The city remains in contact with the Property/Community Manager regarding the issue.
Published: 2-5-2024

Public Safety Taxes are only Spent on Public Safety!

Toy dump truck dropping money out of the back, represents: waisting money
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: The city is spending public safety taxes on things other than Police and Fire/EMS.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade:  Residents voted yes on a Public Safety mill levy in 2022 strictly for Police and Fire/EMS needs.  Any tax revenue collected due to that public safety mill levy is "restricted" by law and cannot be spent on anything other than public safety.  These funds are additionally accounted for in a separate set of accounting books, called a Fund, which makes it easy to track the revenues and expenditures in public safety, and are included as part of an annual third-party financial audit of the city's budget and accounting practices.  As an additional note, the City of Fountain has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for 13 straight years! 
Published: 12/21/23

Fountain Solar Array not paid for by Utilities Rate Hike

a Hand pulling solar panels out of a pant pocket
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp:  The Veregy Solar Array recently constructed in Fountain was paid for by Utilities customers through an electric rate hike.

Jimmy's Fact to Trade:  The Solar array that has been constructed on Duckwood Road actually doesn't cost Utilities customers anything.  It was paid for through what is called a performance contract, with guaranteed savings built into the project that helps contribute to stabilizing electric rates.  The Fountain solar array will provide renewable, sunshine powered energy for all City owned facilities and city streetlights, actually saving money, and represents another creative funding mechanism used by the city to improve infrastructure and services to residents!
Published: 12/21/23

The City Raised My Property Taxes Again
Toy houses sitting on blocks that say "property tax"
RUMOR brought to Jimmy's Camp: The city always raises property taxes.

FACT to Trade: The City of Fountain raised the property tax in 2022 for the first time in 32 years. The last time Fountain raised property taxes was in 1990. Fountain's current Mil Levy is 16.339 which was passed by the City of Fountain voters through a ballot initiative with 54.67% voting yes.  The following list gives the Historic Mil Levy's for the City of Fountain:
Year Mil Levy
2022__________16.339 (Current)(including Public Safety)
Published: 12/21/23