Mosquito Control

The City works closely with the El Paso County Department of Health & Environment for Mosquito Control & West Nile Virus programs.

Mosquito spraying in 2021 will begin in June, and will occur between the hours of 3:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m., every Monday through Thursday until the first frost. 
If you have any questions regarding mequito spraying in Fountain, please call (719) 322-2068

Mosquito Spraying Schedule

  • To receive further information, please contact the El Paso County Department of Health & Environment at (719) 578-3199 or visit their website at:

The mosquito control sprays used in the City of Fountain, contain a water-based adulticide concentrate that is safe for the environment. Our certified pesticide applicators, use truck mounted foggers that release a fine mist containing a small amount of adulticide into the air, killing adult mosquitoes on contact.


Q. How effective is adulticiding at reducing the amount of adult mosquitoes?A.    The effectiveness of adulticiding is generally considered an effective means of temporarily reducing mosquito populations and preventing mosquito-borne disease.

 Q.    How are adult mosquitoes controlled in The City of Fountain?
A.    The City controls the amount of adult mosquitoes by using truck mounted fogging units to apply adulticide as an ultra-low-volume spray.  The spray dispenses very fine aerosol droplets and it kills adult mosquitoes on contact.

Q.     When does spraying occur?
A.     Spraying takes place Monday thru Thursday, in the early morning hours between 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. while mosquitoes are still active.

Q.      What can I do to reduce the amount of mosquitoes around my home?
A.      The most effective way to control the amount of mosquitoes around your home is to not give larval mosquitoes a place to thrive.  Mosquitoes and larvae can live in any water filled container that lays stagnant for a period of time. 

Eliminate standing water by:

  • Eliminating any items that may collect water around your home.  Useful containers like watering cans, buckets and unused flower pots should be turned upside down to prevent the collection of standing water.
  • Drill holes into the bottom of flower pots and containers for water drainage.
  • Maintain gutters by clearing out all debris so they don’t collect any standing water.

Q.      Is adulticide spray harmful to people, pets, animals, or the environment?A.      No, when done correctly, truck fogging will not harm people, pets, animals, or the environment.

Q. How does the City determine the need for applications of adulticide for mosquitoes?
A. The Parks department works with local mosquito control to monitor trouble spots throughout the city. 

Q. How long does each application last?
A. During the application, flying mosquitoes within the treated area are killed on contact.  Although the mosquito population is reduced for a few days, applications do not prevent mosquitoes from re-entering the area.