City of Fountain Lorraine CenterThe Water Department’s Mission is to provide a safe and adequate water supply for our current and future residents, while providing the highest quality of water a reasonable price.

Our Operating Philosophy is three fold:

  1. To provide the highest quality of water service when responding to all water related issues;
  2. To work regionally with other water providers in the Pikes Peak region; and
  3. To work cooperatively with our fellow co-workers by demonstrating our professionalism, integrity, and our commitment to each other and to our customers.

News & Updates

Fountain Mesa Road Closures Expected in June
The Water Department is replacing aging pipes and service connections along Fountain Mesa Road.
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Water Rate Increase Goes Into Effect June 10th
City Council approved a 4% water rate increase, effective June 10, 2019.
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Water Hardness in Colorado
Hard water residue on dishes, shower heads, dishwashers, water bowls and other items may be more noticeable this time of year.
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