Business Climate


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As the second-largest city in El Paso county, Colorado, Fountain is focused on both its available land asset tracks for business attraction and the nurturing of its small business entrepreneurial spirit.

The City’s main business clusters include the following industries for its economic engine: 

Business CYcle

Manufacturing* - Transportation & Logistics - Homeland Security ** - Entrepreneurialism - 
Renewable Energy - Motorsports Economy*** 
*specialized "niche" advanced, food/AG ; **military, law enforcement ; *** tourism & entertainment


AccessibilityWith the state’s largest employer at our front door,
Fort Carson military base, our focus on national defense and renewable energy are pivotal. 

Pair this with our mission of community sustainability and our railways and highways prime accessibility for trade, transportation and specialized manufacturing; Fountain is an ideal location for business placement and growth.

Fountain’s labor market, consumer base, and business supplier channels naturally draws from the nearby cities of Colorado Springs and Pueblo; in addition to Ft. Carson’s  ~500 veterans a month emerging to civilian life.


RailwayFountain is the second only location along the Front-Range of CO to offer dual rail access service.

Currently, Fountain is working with El Paso County, Colorado Springs EDC, State of Colorado, and private land ownership partners towards the establishment of a 1,682 acre industrial rail yard to service Southern CO.

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Fountain supports all tiers of business with FastTrack and Quick Response teams to assists businesses through the layers of agencies and departmental processes quickly and efficiently.

The entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses can find access to creative support service through the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Pike’s Peak Small Business Development Center.

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