Neighborhood Services - Code Compliance Division


The mission of Neighborhood Services Code Compliance Division is to provide fair and comprehensive enforcement of City Codes, which includes the regulation of junk, debris, trash, nuisance, weeds, zoning, and rental/leased property maintenance. 

Code Compliance plays an important role in preserving the attractive appearance of neighborhoods in the City of Fountain. Fountain's Code Compliance Officers work closely within the community to protect public health, safety and welfare through the comprehensive and equitable enforcement of City Ordinances, also known as City Codes, related to nuisance and land use violations. Officers enhance and safeguard the quality of life in our community through education, guidance, and special projects.  

The goal of Code Compliance Officers is first to achieve voluntary compliance with our City Codes by the property owner and secondarily through code enforcement procedures utilizing Notices of Violation, Municipal Court, and the Abatement Process. 


2018 CACEO Advanced Code Officer Certification
Above, Fountain's Neighborhood Services Supervisor, Juan Flores co-presents a session on “Navigating Communication” to code enforcement officers from throughout the state attending the 2018 Colorado Association of Code Enforcement Officials (CACEO) 3-day Advanced Certification Course.  Officer Flores is a past president of the state association and was instrumental in the creation of standardized training courses teaching Basic and Advanced skills for Colorado’s code enforcement officers.  For more information on CACEO visit


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