Online Application Submittal

As of January 3, 2022 , some planning applications must be submitted electronically. If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Office at 719-322-2000.

The types of projects that can be submitted through this system include:

- Site Plan
- Overall Development Plan
- Final Plat
- Preliminary Plat
- Parking Plan

Steps for submitting a project using City of Fountain's electronic plan review system Accessing IDT:

Accessing IDT

To access IDT, you will need to create an account through IDT.

If you have created a previous IDT account for a submittal, you will use the same account.

STEP 1 - Please visit

STEP 2 -  To create an account, click on the top right button labeled as “Register” or "Sign In"

You will create your own password.

As staff works on your submittal, you will receive automated emails.

Please be sure your email address is correct, as all notifications will be emailed through IDT.

Submitting through IDT

STEP 1 - Once logged in, please provide information regarding the project type by selecting from the drop down list provided, and continue through the next few screens providing information.

Required fields are bold. If you are unsure of what to enter into a field and an entry is required, enter N/A or 0.

STEP 2 - Upload all project documents as required by the checklist provided.

If you need to invite additional consultants to upload documents on behalf of the project, please save the project and come back to it once you have confirmed all documents from these sources have been uploaded. Failure to do so will prohibit any additional uploads. 

- Confirm and submit your project.

STEP 4 - Fees can be paid online, by credit card, e-checks or at our offices at:

  City of Fountain
Planning Department
116 S Main Street
Fountain, Colorado 80817.

STEP 5 -  After submission, you will review notice via email whether the project has been accepted or denied.

*If denied, you will receive an email with the cause of denial and the action needed to correct.

*If accepted, you will receive a notice it is under review and you will be notified when the review is complete.

STEP 6 - When you receive the notice the review has been completed it will direct you to either corrections needed or project approved.

All projects must have both the PDF uploaded into IDT. No paper copies are required.

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Tutorials are available at the following:

Registration -

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