Signing up for Service

Welcome to the City of Fountain!

We are pleased to serve your electric needs and look forward to our continued relationship with you. Please contact our Customer Service Department at (719) 322-2010 to learn how you can sign up for service today.

Here are a couple of things you should know:

Right of Access

The City has a Right of Access ordinance that is in place to ensure that City of Fountain Utilities is able to maintain, upgrade, and repair any utility equipment that may fall within your property lines.  All City of Fountain employees are issued uniforms, as well as ID cards, to ensure your safety and piece of mind. 


We also have an Easements ordinance in place that also ensures that the Electric Department is able to maintain, upgrade, and/or repair electrical equipment that may be on your property.  In the event of a power outage, it is crucial that electric crews are able to reach, open, and sometimes even dig, to reach the source of the outage to make the necessary repairs.  These easements ensure that repairs can be completed in a timely manner and outages kept to a minimum. 

Please follow this link:  Rules and Regulations Governing Electric Service to review our codes in their entirety. 

Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to review or answer any questions you may have regarding this document and can be reached at (719) 322-2010.