About Electric Rates

As a locally owned and controlled public utility, our electric rates are based on the recovery of actual costs associated with providing utility services to our community.  We answer to an elected City Council and each one of our customers, not to investors or corporations seeking to make a profit. For over 100 years the City of Fountain has taken pride in extending the best electric service rates available on the market to our customers. 

The City of Fountain submitted certain proposed changes in electric rates to the Fountain City Council for review and approval in 2020. The new rates will be effective on January 1, 2021.


In the electric utility industry, it is best-practice to review the cost of providing service at least every five years.  Fountain's last Cost of Service/Rate Study was conducted in 2020, when we reviewed the current and anticipated cost of providing service over the next five-year period.

Our electric rate structure is complex and includes ten different classifications of service ranging from residential to commercial, industrial and lighting. The Rate Study looks at these different classifications of service to ensure that each provides their share of revenue to support the associated costs with providing service. This is important to prevent one class of service from subsidizing other class(es) of service. 

Visit the Electric Rates page for information about current rates.

Notice of Proposed Electric Rate Change

We have been very successful keeping rates low through wholesale power supply contracts and through a highly-skilled, productive workforce of dedicated employees.
115 KV Line
As the City of Fountain does not own its own power generation plant, we purchase our power wholesale.  What this means to our customers is better rates in our region as we are able to choose which company will provide the most reliable service at the lowest rates available.  To help sustain lower rates for longer periods of time we enter into a longer term-of-service contact with the supplier.

From that point, the Utility passes along these savings to our customers!