Property Owners/Manager

When the utility service is in the name of a tenant and service is discontinued, the following procedure is in place to create an effective and efficient method for placing utility service into the name of a property owner, realtor or management company.

Fountain Utilities requires the following information:
  • A completed Manual Revert Form or written authorization on the company's letterhead, dated and signed by the owner or authorized agent.
  • Specific information regarding:
    • How the account name should be listed for billing. (Please note: if you request the account listed in the name of the property management or realtor's office, we require a letter from the owner of that office advising us we have their authorization to place the account in the company name and the agent is the contact.  Otherwise, we will list the account in the agent's name and they will be held personally responsible for the bill.)
    • Billing address
    • Service address
    • All associate/contact names and phone numbers
    • Previous tenant (if known)
    • Date service is requested, along with a tentative water and electric turn on appointment time*
    • A copy of the property management agreement
    • Tax ID, when applicable


    Please note:

    • Our normal deposit process will be followed.  A deposit may be required when placing services into a Property Owner/Manager's name.
    • By submitting this request for services, you will be responsible for all related services, including minimum charges, until Fountain Utilities has been notified by fax or email from your company or through initiation of service by the new tenant.  No adjustments will be made to the utility charges incurred because of the tenant's failure to comply with the terms of your lease agreement.  

Suggestions for inclusion in your lease agreement:

  • Include the date that the tenant is expected to have the utilities placed into their name.  This may provide you with the documentation you need to collect utility charges incurred because of the tenant's failure to comply with your lease agreement.

  • Additionally, a third party notification added to the utility account will ensure that if the utility account is being discontinued or in jeopardy of disconnect due to non-payment that any termination notice would also be mailed to you or your company.  This form does require the signature of the tenant and the landlord, realtor or Management Company.

Listed below are the following forms:

Manual Residential Revert Form

Third Party Notification Form

*The City will connect utility service within three (3) days of a request. (Rule 13.16.170)