Water Rate Increase Goes Into Effect June 10th

Water Rate Increase Goes Into Effect June 10th
Posted on 05/15/2019

Fountain’s City Council passed a proposed water rate Ordinance at their regularly scheduled City Council meeting on May 28, 2019.  The Ordinance authorizes a 4% increase in water rates, equating to approximately $2.65 per month for a typical residential customer using 6,000 gallons of water per month.

The utility performs a water rate study every two years, which coincides with the City’s bi-annual budget process. The study evaluates the projected expenses to maintain and improve infrastructure that is essential to providing reliable and safe water to the community, including capital improvement projects and the delivery of safe drinking water.

There are several major projects that were considered for this particular study:

South Santa Fe Road Water Main – This project will replace an existing undersized water main that is prone to breaks and requires extensive maintenance due to its age.  Replacing this main will increase water flows and enhance water pressure to the southern region of Fountain’s water service territory. 

Southwest Link Interconnect Project – This project involves the installation of a new 36” water pipeline that will connect the southeast region of the City to existing infrastructure in order to enhance reliability and support future growth. The project will also include repaving a portion of Old Pueblo Road, south of Link Road.

Water Treatment Plant – In partnership with the United States Air Force, a new water treatment plant will be constructed at Aga Park. The new plant will be the first of its kind for Fountain’s Water Utility, and will eventually connect all of Fountain’s City-owned wells. This project will include the purchase of right-of-ways, well rehabilitation and a building.

Joint Operation Center – In 2016, the Water Department vacated a property located north of Alabama Avenue in downtown Fountain, which is now home to the newly constructed Fountain Middle School. The Water Department’s temporary operation located in downtown Fountain will be joined with the Electric Department at a new Joint Operation Center, located in an industrial zoned region of southwest Fountain. This new facility will remove their existing operations away from residential neighborhoods and provide a facility that is secure and more suitable for commercial activity.

Pavement of Fountain Mesa Road – The Water Department has been improving water service connections along Fountain Mesa Road due to aging infrastructure. Once the service connections are completed, the Water Department will repave Fountain Mesa Road from Lake Avenue south to Ohio Avenue.

The new rates will go into effect June 10, 2019.