City of Fountain Fire Department
is here when you need us and when seconds count the Knox HomeBox will get us in your house faster.

Residents within the City of Fountain,
 A Knox HomeBox™ Program reduces costly forced entry damages and eliminates the need to re-secure homes when responding to calls at residences where seniors, access and functional needs individuals, home hospice patients, and others with medical needs reside.

Provide you EMTs and paramedics with immediate and secure home access when responding to residences of your elderly, disabled, and chronically ill community members. HomeBoxes are a one-time purchase with no monthly monitoring fees that uses a Fire Department master key. Available in both wall mount and door hanger models.

Knox HomeBox Brochure

How do I order?

Search for the product Knox Homebox, order today, install it on your home or your love one's home, and help up save a life.