Current Street Projects

Current Street Projects

This is where you can find a status on all of the City's major street projects.  Preparatory work can take place well in advance of any asphalt resurfacing projects.  This includes any concrete work, ADA ramp improvements, localized base repair and etc. 

For a map of the City's resurfacing projects, click here.  


The Link Road Project is a 3 year project in order to maintain lane two open lanes of traffic during construction. This project is over a 10 million dollar project, being paid for by a local business (not tax dollars) that uses the road daily. This reconstruction will be done in 3 phases.  

  • Phase 1 - complete rebuild of Link Rd from Squirrel Creek Rd to C&S Rd.
  • Phase 2 - rebuild 2 intersections Squirrel Creek Rd and Link Rd, and C&S Rd and Link Road.  C&S Rd and Link Rd will have turning lanes and a traffic light. Squirrel Creek Rd and Link Rd will be widened for turning lanes and a traffic light.
  • Phase 3 - rebuild of Squirrel Creek Rd, east of Link Rd.


We will have 4 crossings go QUIET this spring/summer!!!!!

  • Duckwood, E. Link, Commanche Village, Link Rd

Link Road Railroad Crossing Improvements – Railroad required certain median heights and concrete work for the intersection.
STATUS: Complete

E. Ohio Street (near Fountain Mesa Rd) Railroad Improvements  Railroad required certain median heights and concrete work for the intersection. 
STATUS: Complete

W. Ohio Street (near Loaf n Jug) Railroad Improvements  Railroad required certain median heights and concrete work for the intersection.  
STATUS: 90% complete – waiting on railroad to replace lights and timing systems to new 

Illinois/Indiana Crossings  The plan is to move the new crossing equipment from Illinois Crossing to Indiana Crossing.  We will build a lighted intersection at Indiana and Hwy 85/87.  We will close Illinois crossing west of Race Street to limit the traffic going by Aragon Elementary. 
STATUS: 50% complete

Comanche Village Railroad Improvements – Railroad required certain median heights, closures and concrete work for the intersection.
STATUS: Complete

Duckwood Intersection & Railroad Crossing – This intersection is complete.  The signals are working.  The City is waiting on railroad to complete the installation of the railroad crossing equipment. 
STATUS: Complete 

Mesa Road Railroad Crossing – This crossing will be closed once Duckwood Crossing is open.
STATUS: Complete 



  • There will be a traffic calming device installed at C&S and Legend Oak. 
  • A school crossing device installed at C&S and Calle Fontana. 
  • A stop sign at C&S and Monterey Way


STATUS UPDATE: (2/22/2019) Phase II of the traffic signal light at C&S Rd and Fountain Mesa is in place. This allows for our residents to get use to the traffic signal over a 4 way stop intersection. Phase III will be a fully functioning traffic signal light in March.

2019 we will be rebuilding this intersection due to a water main break this past winter.  The intersection and roadway will be repainted.