Electric Service FAQ

The City of Fountain Utilities Department is pleased to share some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we encounter on a daily basis.

What is Fountain's Policy for Electric Service Upgrades?

The questions and answers below detail our policy for electric service upgrades.

Q:  "If I want to upgrade my existing service, where do I start?"

A:  In order to complete an electric service upgrade, you must first obtain a permit from Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.  After this has been obtained, you contact the Utilities Department at 719-322-2092 to schedule a shut-down of electric service to complete your service upgrade operations.

Q:  "Can I schedule this to take place outside of your normal office hours?"

A:  In general, no.  These types of operations are not completed outside of the normal operation hours of the Utilities Department. These hours are M-F, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.  Any shutdowns completed outside of these hours must be an emergency or have prior approval from the General Foreman.  A fee will be assessed for non-emergency shutdowns approved by the General Foreman outside of the normal operation hours accordingly.

Q:  "Who installs the new service line?"

A:  The owner must run the new service line in accordance with applicable codes. 


Q:  "Are there additional costs involved?"

A:  There may be additional costs associated with these upgrades that must be borne by the customer.  As each upgrade is unique to each customer, costs may vary.  A full breakdown of costs associated with each upgrade is provided accordingly.

Q:  "Are there less costly options?"

A:  We encourage the exploration of other options prior to construction, which include:

  • Exchanges a large draw electric appliance for a natural gas range or dryer to free a 30 or 50 amp breaker to handle an A/C unit or hot tub

  • Considering another type of cooling unit such as evaporative air.

Q: Who is responsible for the secondary service to our home?

A. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain wiring and equipment after the meter to the house.  This includes underground electric service in yards with back lot line construction and overhead electric service.

Should you have tree limbs that are interfering with your secondary overhead service, the Utilities Department recommends that you contact our offices at (719) 322-2092 to have the service dropped prior to trimming those limbs.  This will ensure your safety and could save you from costly repairs if the limbs fall on the secondary service line.