The fire department reserves the right to alter fees per agreements with Federal or State governments, for profit, and non - profit agencies.


Ambulance Charges









*ALS2 = Advanced Life Support (critical care, i.e. cardiac arrest)

*ALS = Advanced Life Support

*BLS = Basic Life Support


Apparatus Charges

Fire Engine

$130.00 per hour


$80.00 per hour

Rescue truck

$105.00 per hour

Brush truck

$70.00 per hour

Ladder truck

$180.00 per hour

Specialty vehicle (Haz-Mat, pick up, off road vehicle)

$50.00 per hour


Special Standby Charges: (including personnel)

Fire Engine




Rescue truck


Brush truck


Ladder truck


Specialty vehicle (Haz-Mat, Pick-up, off road vehicle)




Personnel Charges:


$27.37 per hour


$31.17 per hour

Fire Lieutenant

$34.40 per hour

Fire Captain

$43.25 per hour

Fire Investigator

$46.32 per hour

Battalion Chief

$65.37 per hour



Research Time (No charge for first 1 hour)

$30.00 per hour

Reports for Calls for Service (per address)

$10.00 each

Additional after five (5) pages

$1.00 each

Copy of photograph

$0.50 each


Fire Protection Systems Permits

Water Plan Reviews & Inspections

Plan Review


Inspection first fire hydrant


Inspection each additional hydrant


Inspection, per fire line


Water tank for fire suppression



Fire Alarm System Plan Review & Inspections.

5 – Device letter


50 or less initiating devices and/or notification appliances


51 to 100 initiating devices and/or notification appliances


101 to 150 initiating devices and/or notification appliances


Each additional 20 initiating devices and/or notification appliances greater than 150


Residential fire alarm system – single family home

No Charge

Change in monitoring technology


Firefighter communications systems other than radio amplification


2-way elevator communications



Fire Sprinkler System Plan Reviews & Inspections

20 – Head Letter


100 sprinkler heads or less, includes 1 wet pipe sprinkler system riser


101 to 200 sprinkler heads


201 to 300 sprinkler heads


Each additional 100 sprinkler heads or portion thereof greater than 300


Each additional wet pipe sprinkler system riser and/or backflow retrofit


Each standpipe system riser


Each dry pipe, preaction, and/or deluge system valve


Each fire pump or foam system


13D system, sprinkler system in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes

No Charge

NOTE: Three sprinkler system inspections shall be allowed, per permit, prior to assessing a trip fee for additional inspections.


Fixed Fire Extinguishing systems Plan Reviews & Inspections

First wet/dry chemical extinguishing system


Each additional wet/dry chemical extinguishing system


Gaseous extinguishing system


Water mist extinguishing system



Miscellaneous Permits & Plans Reviews

Cancelled projects prior to permit, per hour or portion thereof


Work at Risk Permit


Expedited plan review, limited first come/first served, maximum 5 per week


Revisions/splice review, per quarter hour


System Demolition Permit


Pre-plan submittal consult, free first thirty minutes, $100 each subsequent hour or portion thereof


Third and subsequent submittals

1.5x Review Fee



Miscellaneous Inspections

Convenience inspections, first two hours or portion thereof


Convenience inspection, exceeding two hours, each additional hour or portion thereof


Courtesy inspection, per hour or portion thereof


Trip Fee, second and subsequent partial inspection




Inspection cancellation, after deadline


NOTE: A re-inspection fee may be applied if the site is inaccessible and/or work is not sufficiently pre-tested, or hazards are not completed in the required time frame.


Administrative Permits, records Requests & Plan Reviews

Permit renewal or permit re-issue, due to loss or damage


Records request, per hour or portion thereof


Work without a permit, per incident

2x Permit Fee

3rd party plan review




Extraterritorial Plan Reviews & Inspections

One-time inspector surcharge, per quarter hour portion thereof


One-time mileage surcharge

IRS Standard Mileage Rate

NOTE: Extraterritorial fees shall be applied when a plan review and an inspection is requested for projects outside of the City of Fountain’s jurisdiction. In addition to all applicable fees, a one-time surcharge shall be assessed based on the inspector’s travel-time and round trip mileage. Mileage shall be calculated using each city’s center point, as referenced on Google Maps. Mileage shall be calculated at the current Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) standard mileage rate. Surcharges will be rounded to the nearest dollar.