Maintaining Your Water System

Providing our customers with reliable and safe service is our top priority in addition to providing safe water, our water utility maintains critical infrastructure to ensure proper emergency response.


Fire hydrant flushing is an annual maintenance program which helps to ensure hydrants are in proper working order for emergency response. 

Many hydrants throughout our community may go unused for a period of time.  Crews perform hydrant flushing to make sure that fire hydrants are in working order during emergencies. This helps with response time, and the safety of our community! Hydrant flushing also helps with flushing sediment that may have entered into our water distribution system caused by construction and development throughout our community.

Water operators perform annual valve exercising. Valve exercising is a preventive
Water operator inserts valve key into water main valve pit.
maintenance program intended to keep our water mains and valves in working order. Utility personnel may need to access these valves to control water flow during emergencies. 

Some of these valves may be located in intersections or primary streets throughout our community. While exercising these valves, crews may need to temporarily and briefly close intersections and/or lanes during these operations.