Fountain Creek Vision Task Force
The City of Fountain is working in cooperation with the Fountain Creek Watershed Vision Task Force, whose mission is to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan for the Fountain Creek Watershed. This plan will incorporate and address all of the planning, scientific and visioningdocuments. The Task Force will then build on these documents to create a shared vision for specific actions that participating entities can make in order to realize the shared vision. This effort was initiated by El Paso County, and the first meeting was held in July 2006 at the Bear Creek Nature Center. 
For more information on the structure of the watershed vision, please click here.

Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District
The SECWCD exists for the purpose of developing and administering the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project. The District extends along the Arkansas River from Buena Vista to Lamar, and along Fountain Creek from Colorado Springs to Pueblo. The City of Fountain, as a representative of El Paso County, partners with members across nine total counties for water management, conservation and education surrounding the Project, a transmountain diversion which supplies southeastern Colorado with improved supplemental water supply for irrigation, municipal and industrial uses, hydroelectric power generation, and recreational opportunities. The Project also provides flood control for the area and is designed to maintain or improve fish and wildlife habitats. For more information on the SECWCD, please click here.

Chilcott Ditch Company
The Chilcott ditch or canal system consists of a combination of open ditch and closed pipe systems that divert flows from the headgate located on Fountain Creek at the El Paso County Regional Park and traverse approximately 9.4 miles through the City of Fountain. The flows from the ditch terminate at the Callahan reservoir located on the JV Ranch. For more information about Chilcott, please click here.

Fountain Mutual Irrigation Company
Today, FMIC irrigates approximately 2,000 acres of land and the ditch (including laterals), which runs slightly less than 35-miles of open ditch with several segments of piped sections. As a Shareholder in FMIC, the City of Fountaiworks together with an elected Board of Directors that is overseen by all FMIC Shareholders, most of whom are no-longer Irrigators but Augmentors who run water to fulfill their augmentation plans as water providers. For more information on FMIC, please click here.

Arkansas Basin Roundtable

The City of Fountain represents El Paso County as a voting member of the Roundtable, which continues its efforts to solve future water issues collaboratively. The Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative is working to restore watershed health throughout the Arkansas River Basin. The Public Education, Participation & Outreach committee, in cooperation with the annual Arkansas River Basin Water Forum, hosts many informative events each year. You can learn more about and follow roundtable activities here.