April: Dumpster Days 

A little over 25 years ago, the City of Fountain started a program to assist Senior Citizens by picking up yard waste or items that were too large or difficult for them to get to the landfill.  Over time, the success of that program caused it to morph into a much broader program whereby City crews took time off from their normal work to spend several weeks picking up yard waste and other debris that was dropped off at the curb by our residents.


Unfortunately, as the City has grown it became difficult to keep up with that level of service.  Growth, combined with greater liability restrictions imposed by our insurance provider due to the types of waste that were being left curbside (feces, hazardous materials, and other unknown substances) and greatly increased costs caused the City to change the way this service was provided in 2017.  Last year, we created a “dumpster days” program where we, as residents, are able to dump our waste off at a designated dumpster site on a specific day.  Making this change has still allowed us to provide a great service to the community while cutting our costs by over half and limiting our liability.


The 2018 Dumpster is back and the date has been set!  Saturday, May 12, from 9am-2pm, City employees and volunteers will be standing by to receive waste that you drop off.  The cost is $10 per standard pickup load and the address is 301 East Avenue, on the East side of the building.  This is a service for Fountain residents only and we are only able to process cash at the site.  For more information, you can visit our website at www.fountaincolorado.org.  

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