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Do you have questions regarding the City's efforts to bring better broadband Internet services to the community? Ask them here! xxxx

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The City is considering an option to move to a single waste hauler for trash and recycling activities in Fountain.   The City is accepting public comments and suggestions regarding this option, and residents are encouraged to provide their feedback through this blog.  Thank you for your input! 

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City of Fountain Utilities is currently developing its Water Master Plan. This strategic plan includes a comprehensive assessment of supply, treatment, storage, demand, distribution and maintenance of our system. this document identifies and prioritizes critical needs and determines how we may proactively address these needs. It is a directional document that sets initiatives driven by demand so that we may continue to provide our customers with high quality, reliable and cost-effective water as efficiently as possible.

Presentations of the Water Master Plan will occur at the August 24, September 28, and October 12 council meetings.

City of Fountain Residents are encouraged to provide their feedback regarding the City's Water Master Plan development. Please submit questions or comments using this feedback blog. Thank you!

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Come see what is on the City Manager's mind.

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News, tips and information from the Information Technology Department.

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