Citizen Feedback Regarding Single Hauler Waste Removal Options in Fountain
The City is considering an option to move to a single waste hauler for trash and recycling activities in Fountain.   The City is accepting public comments and suggestions regarding this option, and residents are encouraged to provide their feedback through this blog.  Thank you for your input! 

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City of Fountain residents are encouraged to provide their feedback regarding the City of Fountain's consideration of moving to a single hauler waste removal system.   

Please feel free to add your remarks to this blog.   We ask that comments be made in a respectful, constructive manner. 

All comments are considered public record and will be archived by the City.  

What do you think about moving to a Single Hauler Waste Removal option in Fountain?  
Posted by John Trylch  On Apr 05, 2021 at 10:31 AM 51 Comments